Featured Archive

Our featured material from our archives showcasing five decades of AASA’s presence on campus, from 1969 until today.

We’ve chosen “Why an AASA?…” by Mark Chang, ‘86 in 1985 for Persuasion.

“Aside from cliqueness, some Asian Americans sincerely feel that they do not need AASA because they feel they have not experienced any discrimination or racism, or simply because they don’t feel a need to associate on the basis of race. In fact, some may call AASA ‘anachronistic’ or ‘separatist’, hindering Asian Americans from assimilating into mainstream America. There is no right or wrong, but I recall a quotation from Newsweek recently: “… the truth is racism continues to exist and any preparation for success without that acknowledgment is incomplete.” Even at a place like Yale, a bastion of intelligensia and liberal thought, racism flourishes in my opinion. The forms may be more subtle but they are just as dehumanizing and insulting as overt actions.”

“Being proud to be Asian American does not remove us from mainstream America. The strength of our society lies in its diversity. AASA seeks to promote that diversity but we need your help. Offer AASA your creativity and energy for that keeps it going.”